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Everybody Fitness Gear is a working athletic gear brand dreamt up by a female fitness fanatic in Southeastern Ohio. 

It all started around 2020 with my passion for fitness. I just wanted to help people the way the gym helped me. Driven by my passion, what started as just a hobby, went from fitness gear to custom clothing. And thus, Everybody Fitness Gear was born. 


We want to make our brand affordable for everybody without sacrificing quality. To bring functionality to fitness gear, and to create a brand where individuals would come again. That the brand would be inspiring and unique for these individuals to be part of. 


As the brand grows, we're discovering that there are always new things to learn. As well as there is a solution to all problems. Big and small. With consistent discipline, dedication and work, we are becoming a way to inspire others. 


Do something your future self will thank you for, every day. We are, and so should you!

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